Could you imagine if
we had fewer people behind bars?

(b/c we can.)

We believe in working w/ a purpose. And our purpose is to use our gifts to help decarcerate the US.

We’ve collectively sold millions of dollars in products and services for clients around the world. But there are more important things to do.

Collectively, we believe a few things…

We believe that the US is overincarcerated. We believe the criminal justice system is both racist and classist. And we believe that ppl are ready to see the criminal justice system change.

When you work w/ JWA and the Jags, you’re working w/ ppl who are driven to see see change, just like you.

We want to help decarcerate and reform the criminal justice system, one story at a time.

Movements are dynamic.
So are we. So are our Jags.

Need "free" support? We got you.

Many organizations working for reform don’t have the budget for full marketing services, especially advanced services that our Jags offer.

Even though we might have to turn people away because they can’t afford the full services, we decided early on to offer something unique…

A pay-what-you-can, unlimited text-based support.

We call this level The Animal.

And most of the time, you’ll be working directly with Jay, our founder.

Perfect for individuals and organizations who need the specialized advice but can’t afford the full packages.

Need more conversations w/ the Jags? Got you too.

Aight, so this package is dynamic.

You get full text-based support, plus several calls with Jags and Jay.

We call this package The Savage.

You get to choose the Jags you talk with based on your needs for that month.

The Savage is ideal for organizations facing a few scenarios:

– Maybe don’t have the budget for full service.

– Have the ability to create things in-house, but could benefit from specialized guidance.

– Have a relationship with a marketing or creative agency, but would like outside guidance to put together the strategy.

Need a Jag's skills to bring your movement to life? Start here.

This is when things get serious.

Connect w/ our curated network of advanced marketers to turn up the volume of your organization’s voice.

Whether you need a short term relationship or are looking for a long term “agency-of-record” relationship, our Jags are there for you.

“Jags” are curated individuals and agencies passionate about criminal justice reform, like you.

What they do? Advanced. Who they are? Vetted allies.

Ppl will say anything to get your business. We will only tell you the truth…that we feel you. That we know what you’re fighting for.

That we’re fighting for it too.

Btw…we love bringing formerly incarcerated creators into our network of Jags.

We ignite, sustain, and finish movements that lower our prison population.

Appeal To Ppl's Emotions

Know what hits. Make them feel. Make them move.


Find More Believers

Reach out. Be compelling. Know you’re not alone.


Reach The Tipping Point

Win hearts. Win minds. Make change inevitable.

The Jags are advanced marketers.
Here’s an incomplete list of what they can do.

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Distribution

Social Media Management

Facebook Ads

Pinterest Ads

Instagram Ads

YouTube Ads

Snapchat Ads

TikTok Ads

Google AdSense

Microsoft Advertising

Podcast Advertising


Video Production


Video Scripting


Video Editing

Podcast Production

Podcast Distribution

Podcast Interviews

Modern Day PR


Speaking Gigs


Thought Authority


Technical SEO


YouTube SEO


Website SEO

Website Design

Website Development

Website Copywriting

Blog Writing

Graphic Design


We’re always looking for individuals and agencies ready to serve.

Passionate (or even curious) in reforming our criminal justice system?